The No Lift System Story

At No Lift System, we know you want to increase profits, lowers costs and retain your highly skilled installers. But to do that you have to maintain an efficient and profitable fabrication business with low turnover.

The problem is that all of those heavy, awkward, difficult-to-install counters are hurting your business’s bottom line. You’re losing money, the quality of work is suffering and you’re getting hit with a high turnover rate because your installers are getting hurt. You’re frustrated with and tired of dealing with the same problems. You’d think there would an easier, more efficient way to install counters with less risk.

There is. At No Lift System, we understand how frustrating it can be to run a successful, profitable fabrication company. We also know how difficult it is to install awkward countertops and the tolls these installations take on your business as well as your employees’ health and careers.

That’s why we created the No Lift System.

The No Lift System reduces labor, increases productivity and eliminates injury. We have personally seen the system’s benefits. We, too, are in the install business. We’ve been on both sides, as the owner and the installer, and have personally felt the pains of installing heavy counters. A back injury suffered while installing a 3cm “corner sink” counter was the last straw.

After consulting with the industry’s best installers and creating four prototypes for two years, the No Lift System was born.

How The No Lift System Works

The No Lift cart mechanically lifts counters to cabinet height, safely rotates and supports them in the horizontal position, and easily slides them into place.

There’s no risk to the countertop, no risk to the installer, and no need to send shop guys to the job site to help!

The No Lift System includes the patent-pending No Lift Install cart, two aluminum rails, eight veribor suction cups, and a 10-in. aluminum roller ramp.

As a 27 year stone industry veteran, Aaron Crowley has created these stone industry businesseswww.crowleysgranite.comwww.fabricatorsfriend.comwww.noliftsystem.com, and www.aaroncrowley.com