Manual Tilt Cart

  • 600# Weight Capacity *
  • 42” Max Safe Counter Height *
  • Manual Tilt Function
  • Actuator Powered Lift
  • Powered by 12v Lead Acid Battery
  • Remote FOB
  • Easy Turn Solid Wheels
  • 3500# “Kingpin” Castors

Click here for Power Tilt vs Manual Tilt Cart Comparison (PDF)

*Tilting large islands is dangerous and requires great caution and care – Refer to Owners Manual for safe handling guidelines



5 in stock

5 in stock

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Additional information

Weight250 lbs
Dimensions14 × 5 × 5 in

Return Policy

Free Returns!

Our return policy is RISK FREE!

Just use your No Lift for a month, and if you prefer to carry your counters, you can return your cart for full refund.  We will even pay the freight to ship it back! (Lower 48 US states only)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It is the goal of No Lift Install System to provide an install system so functional and helpful to slab installers that they will refuse to install without it…rendering a return policy unnecessary.

It is also our goal to clearly represent the amazing benefits of our system as well as its limitations.

If after 30 days of actual use as defined below, you are not satisfied and do not feel that the No Lift Install System works as advertised, we will happily refund your money and cover the cost of shipping it back.

Return Requirements:

Prior to return approval, the customer must submit pictures of the cart in use on at least 5 job sites. Pictures must show counters on the cart and counters in stages of lifting, rotating, and sliding onto cabinets.

Cart system must be returned without damage and in working order on original pallet/box. Cart and contents must be secured adequately for transport using straps or banding.

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Please contact us for more information.