Island Handler

Fragile counters are scary to install. Fragile islands are REALLY scary!

And as islands get bigger your risks increase.

You can reduce the risk of remaking large expensive islands with the Island Handler, No Lift’s own custom package using Grabo Pro cups, 42” Panel Handler bridges, and No Lift’s extra long rails.

The Island Handler includes:

  • 6 Grabo Pro vacuum cups
  • 3 – 42” Panel Handler bridges
  • 3 – 106” aluminum rails
  • 3 – 84” aluminum rails

This system provides maximum coverage and stability on your larger islands, even on your most porous and fragile natural stones.

Don’t sweat that next fragile quartzite island with a cooktop cutout on the end, get the Island Handler and know that it will be installed without risk to the piece or your installers!



Developed by our friend Eric Rolseth at Fill a Chip, the Counter Handler is a must-have if you are installing antiqued, leathered, and satin-finished granites because standard suction cups will not stay attached. With the battery-powered Grabo cups, the rails NEVER lose suction, even on textured surfaces.

This package includes 6 Grabo cups, 3 patented bridges, and 6 aluminum rails so you can get your counters installed without risking them during install.

Additional information

Weight34 lbs
Dimensions108 × 5 × 5 in