Cost Analysis & Pricing

We know what you are thinking because we had the same thoughts. When running a business we are always doing a cost analysis to see how a change will affect our bottom line.

Below are some best guess estimates on potential savings with the No Lift Install System.

Reduced Labor

Eliminate the “extra” guy – 1 per week:

3 Hours Per Trip – $20/hr + Replacement Cost at overtime: $121/trip

$486/month – $5832/yr

Ramp over stairs – 3 jobs per week:

30 minutes per job x 2 guys –

$350/month – $4212/yr

Broken Counters

Eliminate 2 broken counters per year

Slab – $1500

Scheduling, Layout, Cut, Fab, Install – 16 hours – $435

Lost Opportunity Cost – $2000

Total: $3932 per job – x2 – $7864/yr


3 months Light Duty For Lead Installer – Cost of “Light Duty” Work

50-75% productivity for replacement – Lower output, more call backs, mistakes, and breakage

Total: $­­­_____?_____Cost of Temporary Injury requiring less skilled replacement

Total: $­­­_____?_____Cost of Permanent Injury

Curious about how the No Lift Cart compares to the other carts available? Check out our comparison chart.


We believe the No Lift System is an essential tool for your install teams. The importance to both your bottom line and your employees makes our system a no brainer.

The No Lift Install System includes:

  • No Lift Install Cart (includes two remote controls units): $6,295 
  • 10' Aluminum Roll a Ramp and Landing Mats: $1,250
  • 2 Aluminum Support Rails & 8 Veribor Suction Cups: $450
  • Only $7995.00 before freight

We offer 3 options to pay for your No Lift System:

  • Cash – Only $7995 for the complete system + freight (avg. $300 in US)
  • Financing – As low as $169/mo for 36 months includes freight
  • Credit Card – $7995 + Freight + 3% Fee


let us help you use the No Lift Install System to improve your business!