As an owner of a stone shop for 20+ years,  I understand your struggles. You want to take care of your crew but don’t want to waste money on equipment that ends up unused in the corner of the shop. 

When I chat with stone shop owners, the 2 same topics always come up. The labor shortage problem and the ROI of the No Lift Install System

I imagine you have the same questions, so I outlined my answers below:

The Labor Shortage Problem:

The need to install more counters to keep up with competition and the shrinking labor pool of qualified and dependable installers is creating a perfect storm for every stone shop owner. 

This perfect storm is a problem that threatens your company’s success in two distinct ways:

  1. If you can’t find ways to get more done with your existing install staff, your ability to grow and remain competitive is severely limited.
  2. If you lose one of your key installers due to an injury or career change your install department could be crippled until you find a replacement.

And that is assuming you can find a quality replacement in this labor market.

That’s just what Barry Weinbrenner of Pro Contracting in Eugene Oregon and Scott Lardner of Rocky Mountain Stone Company of Colorado experienced in their business…

The loss of their best installers due to the physical wear and tear of years of installing and the crushing pressure this put on their remaining installers as a result.

Thankfully both owners prevented this from happening again by purchasing the No Lift System.

Not only have they ensured that their current ace installers are protected now from those career-ending injuries, but they are also realizing other amazing benefits of the No Lift.

  1. They no longer have to send out shop labor to help get pieces in
  2. They don’t break counters anymore on install
  3. They get more productivity on-site and higher output with fewer installers

The No Lift ROI:

Every business owner I talk with wants to know the ROI of the No Lift. I would be worried if you didn’t ask that!

Before we invented the cart, we were sending a shop guy into the field 2 times a week on average just to help with heavy or awkward pieces. Each trip of 3 hours was costing us $121.00. That doesn’t seem like much, but when adds up to $242.00 per week or $1000.00 per month. Per year that’s $12,000. It’s a lot of lost revenue!

Aside from being able to retain your highly skilled installers and reduce the risk of injury and workers comp claim, I chatted with another owner about his average expenses related to this. He broke down an average year of what things were costing him:

$1000/mo = $12000/yr – Sending extra crew to the field
$350/mo = $4200/yr – Installer fatigue and lost time due to carrying pieces as opposed to ramping/rolling.
$7800/yr – Assuming 2 broken counters annually
Total: $24,000/yr!

No Lift System Support Team

I know I said I only wanted to you talk about the labor shortage problem and the ROI of the No Lift, but I have to mention our support team.

Crews rely on the No Lift System. We engineered the No Lift System to stand up to the day-to-day challenges of installing granite…but things happen. We had one installer forget to secure his No Lift and it fell out of the back of their truck while driving down the highway!

If you have a problem, call us immediately. We will make sure you are up and running ASAP.

What’s next?

Connect with us and get pricing. Our No Lift experts want to learn about your challenges. We will guide you every step of the way and make sure you get the No Lift System package that is right for you so that you can reduce injuries and increase profits.

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