Installer injuries have become too commonplace in the stone industry. And with installer injuries come workers comp claims.

When an installer suffers an injury, there’s more at stake than his job. His family and his livelihood become vulnerable. And his career as an installer may come to an end. While it may not happen immediately, an injury, no matter how small, can impact an installer for years.

Installer injuries also impact your business’s bottom line. When your installers get hurt, you may be unable to complete projects on time, or you have to bring in additional team members to assist on jobs. This happened to Paul and Carol Lundgren, owners of Infinity Countertops in Portland.

No Lift Install System spoke with them to find out how the No Lift has helped them protect their installers from injury and decrease risk for their business.


Q: Tell us about you and your business.
A: We established our team in 1995. Our current team consists of 20 professionals delivering quality fabricated custom countertop projects with exceptional service and on-time delivery.

What problems were you were experiencing before you discovered the No Lift Install System?
A: A lead installer injured his back in 2015 and has since quit the industry due to his injury. We had a workers compensation claim for him.

And what did that feel like?
A:  Not only was it extremely sad to see such a talented individual in pain and unable to work, but we were unable to deliver projects on time to clients. This negatively impacted us financially.

How did you hear about the No Lift?
A: Our risk assessment manager.


Q: What was different about our cart that caused you to choose us as opposed to a similar cart on the market?
A: We had a lift cart but unlike the one we had, the No Lift cart is able to lift the stone safely and horizontally to minimize the strain on our technicians’ backs.

Q:  What “sold” you on the No Lift?
A: The ability to lift large slabs of finished countertops in clients’ homes safely with this horizontal feature.


Q: How has the No Lift positively impacted you and your countertop business?
A: We have been able to minimize time on the job site and install exceptionally large pieces safely without an extra two or three team members pulled out of the shop or from another job site.


Q: If you WOULDN’T have invested in the No Lift, what would your fab shop look like today?
A:  We’d have extra labor expenses to handle the heavy 3cm stone and flight deck islands that clients seem to desire.

What would you tell other business owners like you, or installers about the No Lift?
A: With the No Lift, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on job sites without bringing in other team members to help, and safely install large pieces of stone.

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